DANCE CLASSES (Salsa, Tango, Swing, Hustle, or Ballroom)

Pay as you go, $20 drop-in rate for each class, OR Monthly Membership:

  • Bronze Membership-$59 per month - (4 classes per month/1 class per week)
  • Silver Membership-$112 per month - (8 Classes per month/2 classes per week)
  • Gold Membership-$149 per month - (12 Classes per month/3 classes per week)
  • Platinum Membership-$179 per month - (Unlimited Group Dance Classes and Free Party Admission)
  • $40 One time registration fee on all memberships

FITNESS CLASSES:  Adult Ballet, Tuesdays at 6:30pm

$10 drop in per class, pay as you go

Registering for Group Classes at La Luna Dance Studio is easy.   Please visit the studio to begin initial registration, it only takes a few minutes!

For as long as your account remains active, you will never experience a price increase for Group Classes, this is our Price Guarantee. Our agreement with you is to only charge you the fees you signed up for. So if you registered for classes in Oct 2017, you will keep the 2017 pricing for as long as you remain active. Other membership benefits include:

      • FREE Admission to weekly practice sessions to rehearse material learned in class ($15/hour value)

In order to simplify the collection of monthly membership fees, La Luna only accepts payment through an automated payment system. Monies are withdrawn on the first of every month from a credit card or debit card.  There is no long term commitment associated with a La Luna Membership. You may hold ($10 a month, keeps your current pricing but you may not use your classes while on hold, you can be on hold for a maximum of 6 months) or cancel your Membership at any time with a 7 day written notice prior to the first of the next month.

Of course if you don't want to bother with a monthly payment plan, we do allow Paid In Full (PIF) Memberships. PIF Memberships are available starting at the Bronze Level where you can purchase a block of 24 classes for $354. Classes purchased through a PIF Membership never expire.

Lastly, if you can't join La Luna as a member, we do allow Visitors to take classes as well. The Guest Rate for visitors to take classes is $20/class. This is a great way to try a class before joining as a member. If you decide to join as a member after you have already paid $20 to try a group class, we will credit that money toward your initial registration if you join that same day and your membership starts that same month. Or you can keep paying $20 per class for as long as you wish.

NOTE:  When joining La Luna for any Level 1 group class, you must either register for a membership or register for the entire course at the Guest Rate.  Most Level 1 Courses are 4 weeks in length, and you will pay a total of $65 for the Course (if a month has 5 weeks, the course is $85).  Argentine Tango is a 2 month course, therefore the cost for this class is $130.  Whether you choose to sign up for a membership or pay the Guest Rate, you must do so in advance to reserve a spot in the class.  Registration is accepted by credit card over the phone or in person by all methods of payment.  If there is space available in the course, you may also elect to register on the first day of class.

Unlimited members can take UNLIMITED classes at their level only.  Unlimited members are not allowed to participate in the classes above their level.



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